I was born in Venice in 1985 and art has always been a part of my life since childhood: my mother

I did not choose immediately to dedicate myself to painting: my studies were initially addressed to another subject, until something inside me turned on. I wanted to paint: the power of a dream that asks to become reality.

So I started attending art courses in the evening and also on the weekends, learning pencil drawing, watercolor, oil painting. My favorite technique is Acrylic painting, which  is now the distinctive feature of all my creations.

I began to exhibit my works in 2014 and I have never stopped since. Rome, Venice, Los Angeles, Palermo: individual and group exhibitions for an observant and demanding public.

My works are art that you can touch, creative material that gives shape to an idea. I work with colour, but I also use other materials such as: fabric, paper, little objects that express emotions and thoughts, giving life to my stories and those of other people.

Shirts are the main characters of my paintings: those we wear everyday, chosen with care for a date, smart enough for a work meeting, comfortable and soft to go out with friends.

I use second-hand shirts that people gift me: I believe that respecting the environment is a necessity, but I use them mainly because every shirt has a strong emotional and personal value.

Think about it: how many stories does a shirt tell? In my works it tells one more. The life of people who wore it blends with art and the artist’s inspiration, creating a unique tale: a story made to last over time.

For this reason, I choose to work leaving emotions flow freely, as the colour drips on fabric: the shirt becomes a physical container that holds a soul and its message.

Dress the soul with art: this is what I do through my works. The shirt emerges from the canvas, expressive and powerful, while the background creates a new tale of words and images that connects my paintings to individual or group stories.

A new meaning, a new value: universal topics as love, pain, gratitude, but also life tales that people share with me. I give them voice through creativity and material, with interest, respect and attention.

Recently, my art path evolved to a different form: I have started painting t-shirts, as a new expression of creativity and art.

My painted t-shirts are art to wear on your skin: they say a lot about me but also about the personality of who wears them. Once again, fabric and painting merge to create a tale that keeps on going, day by day, step by step.

If you love art and you are looking for a creative work that is about you and your story, contact me.

We will paint toghether: you, with your emotions and your memories, and me.

If choosing what to wear also means expressing your personality, choose to do it with my painted t-shirts: sometimes, a detail can narrate a world.